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Please help 1776 and the Edward Rutledge pages of wikipedia I'm getting annoyed by all the lies this person keeps reverting my edits!!!!!

Jan. 3rd, 2009

the Edward Rutledge article on wikipedia seriously needs help!

same with the John Adams miniseries article---I put an inacceratcy about how he was portrayed but no one is believing me.

Thanks! :)
HAPPY DAY NEDDY GOT ELECTED SC GOVENOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) -- found out on wikipedia!
ok so I saw the back of a $2 bill. and it was that large Declaration signing pic. (that Neddy was in) I immedeatly started fangirling lol!!

PDVD_062.jpg picture by 1776_caps

is he 250?

How Did you find out about Neddy? Aka Edward Rutledge

1 Real Life Neddy Icon

Please Creadit :)
and Comment :)

ahh i have an almost complete collection of Edward Rutledge's for you guys! :)
(I can't find the Liberty's Kids version of him he was a cartoon with auburn hair that was down and wavy and was wearing a army uniform)

PDVD_074.jpg image by 1776_capsja002-000212.png image by john_adams_1776

(from L to R:Real life Neddy,Real Life Neddy,Real Life Neddy,1776,John Adams, randoms pictures of actors playing Neddy on google image search last two real life)
i 'm tring to do a story on neddy but i got a couple reasons why he didn't vote hmm